Forget razors, forget painful, short-term solutions and the burning sensation.

You should choose laser hair removal if...

You are tired of constant shaving and waxing!

You have tried many hair removal solutions but none of them have produced long lasting results.

You want soft smooth skin every day

You are tired of recurring hair follicul inflammation

You want get rid of hair in unpleasant areas

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal gives long-lasting results and it is suitable for men and women. Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to remove unwanted hair. (Our machine is a Diode Laser.)

It uses light energy to permanently damage or destroy individual hair follicles. This treatment targets the roots beneath the surface of the skin using a medical-grade laser to prevent regrowth.

The hair follicle must be targeted at a specific time during its growth cycle to prevent the hair from returning.

Why is this type of treatment beneficial?

Reduces hair permanently​

Any hair that grows back will be finer, lighter and softer.

It can achieve reduction of up to 90%

No More Ingrown Hair!

You can say goodbye to ingrown hairs and shaving rash. It works on men and women too!

How many treatments do I need?

As individual hairs could be in different parts of the hair growth cycle at any one time, you will need several treatment sessions to see long-lasting results.

We usually recommend 6-8 appointments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Who is going to help you?

“Hi, my name is Erika.

I am a fully qualified aesthetic therapist with more than 30 years of experience. Working in the beauty industry has meant attending relevant beauty courses to learn new techniques and products.

Visiting me gives you the opportunity to be cared for by a clinical skin specialist  who will be able to analyse your skin, address your skin concerns, give advice and teach you more about ingredients and products most suited to the specific needs of your skin.”

Where is it located?

Apply for a consultation, save time and money

Laser hair removal is a long term investment, you never need to worry about waxing or shaving again. The consultation costs £20, but this amount is deducted from the total when treatment is started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Most people describe the treatment as uncomfortable rather than painful. The level of discomfort varies between individuals and the different areas being treated. Some people feel nothing, some feel a burning sensation, and some have likened the sensation to mild stinging or the flicking of a rubber band.

I have very fine, super blonde hairs - will laser work for me?

We tend to see best results with darker hairs (e.g. brown and black). We cannot treat red, blonde or grey hairs. 

Is laser suitable when breastfeeding?

No, you can’t have this treatment while breastfeeding. 

I am photo sensitive. Is laser still a good/safe option?

Any complex medical situations require individual care and assessment by our team in clinic to determine whether the treatment would be suitable.